New Kitten

Having a new kitten in the house is an exciting time for you and your family. There is often so much to remember that it can appear overwhelming. Please remember that at Hills Veterinary Centre we are happy to answer any questions about settling your new kitten into your home and any ongoing care or health issues that you may have.

The following information is designed to give you up to date information on various aspects of health care and help you plan what is needed for your kitten in the next twelve months.

  • Anti-Parasitic Preparations for Cats

  • Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats

  • Dental Care for Cats

  • Desexing Cats

  • Diet for Kittens

  • Fleas

  • Heartworm in Cats

  • Insurance

  • Intestinal Worms in Cats

  • Microchips

  • Vaccinations for Cats

Phone and make an appointment at Hills Veterinary Centre for a check up for your new kitten on 8278 4147.