A microchip is a means of permanently identifying your pet by using a small chip the size of a grain of rice, which is injected under the skin in the scruff of your pets neck. The tiny chip contains a unique number that is linked to your address and contact details on a national registry. Most veterinary practices & animal welfare shelters have hand held scanners which will easily read your pets microchip number, so if your pet is lost or injured you will be contacted quickly.


A microchip

We will only take a few minutes to inject the microchip under your pets skin - just like a vaccination. This can be done via a normal consultation or if your pet is coming in for surgery (eg desexing) it can be done while they are asleep. If the chip is implanted while your pet is under anaesthetic we can also place an ‘M’ tattoo in their ear so that if they do get lost anyone who finds them will know that they have a chip implanted and arrange to get them scanned.

After chipping you will be asked to fill in a registration form with personal details and contact numbers. This information will be stored on the national data base and cross referenced with your pets microchip number. This means if your pets is lost, you can be traced easily. It is important that you keep these contact details up to date so remember to notify the registry if you move house or change your mobile number.

microchip reader

A hand held microchip reader