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Desexing Dogs

desex dogs

We strongly recommend that all puppies not intended for breeding should be desexed at about 5 & a half months of age before they reach sexual maturity. In females this will be before they come into season (on heat) for the first time.

There are many advantages to desexing our pets at this age. It greatly reduces the incidence of many diseases such as prostatic problems, perineal hernias, anal adenomas (tumours around the bottom) and completely prevents uterine infections, testicular and ovarian cancer and mammary tumours. Females will not come into season and so there is no mess and no risk of unwanted pregnancies. In males desexing helps to reduce male sexual behaviour such as mounting objects or people and inappropriate urination.
Undesexed animals can be more prone to diabetes and other health problems as they get older.

There has recently been some concern regarding desexing large breed dogs before 12 months of age. We are currently reviewing this information but until we have thoroughly considered all available research we will continue to recommend desexing at 5 & a half months.

Desexing is done as day surgery. You will be sent out pre-anaesthetic instructions in the post when you book the surgery.

Your pet would be admitted in the morning usually between 8 & 9.30. The surgery is usually performed late morning after pre anaesthetic health checks & blood tests have been performed & your pet would then be ready to go home some time after 3.30. We are open until 8pm so a later pickup is available if required.

Your pet will probably be a little sleepy for the first 24 hours after the surgery and will need to be kept restricted for 10 days. It may be necessary for them to wear an Elizabethan collar (bucket collar) to stop them licking at their wound.
While they are under anaesthetic we can give them a desexing tattoo and microchip them (if not already done) and do a microchip tattoo, clip their claws, check their ears and empty their anal glands if necessary.