Dr Jane Sheehan

Hi, I'm one of the full time vets here at Hills Veterinary Centre. Hailing from New Zealand, I've been in Adelaide for six years.  I live here with my husband and fur-kids, four cats and a dog (four of which came with me from NZ too!). I'm a dairy farmers daughter and was one of those strange children who would pick up worms off concrete paths and throw them onto the grass after rain, and refuse to step on ants or snails. I've had a life long love for animals of all shapes and sizes, and was lucky enough to eventually go to Massey University and study Veterinary Science.  I've been working at Hills Veterinary Centre for two years now and it's a great place to work.

You could say I'm a GP. I enjoy all aspects of being a Veterinarian; medicine, surgery and all the other challenges. Currently I'm studying my second masters degree part time, in Veterinary Medicine, and furthering my interest in ultrasound. There's always something more to learn. I've been involved in the chemotherapy treatment of many cancer patients leading to significant extension of good quality life. I will also happily see more exotic pets as well as the staple cats, dogs and rabbits. I aim to provide sensible and straight forward advice for pet owners, whatever the situation.

We are a great team here at Hills Veterinary Centre. We love our jobs and your pets, and I think that is obvious when you see us. My most favourite things are watching pets grow from babies to old pets, cuddling puppies with their wonderful puppy breath, and helping increase geriatric patients quality of life. My least favourite thing – anal glands!!